Ortega’s regime sacks the ambassador to Cuba again and dismisses the consul in Miami

Ortega’s regime sacks the ambassador to Cuba again and dismisses the consul in Miami

The regime dismissed Daniel Ortega from his position as the new Nicaraguan ambassador to Cuba, Reinaldo del Carmen Lacayo Centeno, appointed a month earlier, on December 7. Wilfredo Jeronimo Garquin Lang was appointed in his place by presidential agreement 227-2021 published on Thursday, January 6th. The disengagement from Lacayo’s position was published the day before by the same official medium.

Wilfredo Garquin. Taken from the FSLN / RACCS profile on Facebook

Garquin, the newly appointed Nicaraguan ambassador to Cuba, has served for years as a regional delegate for the National Prison System (SPN), in Bluefields, in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua (RAX) and a human rights attorney there. Territory.

For its part, the 220-2021 Presidential Agreement, published in La Gaseta on Wednesday, January 5, annulled the appointment of Reinaldo del Carmen Lacayo Centeno as Nicaragua’s ambassador to the government of Cuba, based in Havana, which was confirmed in the presidential agreement. No. 205-2021, dated December 4, 2021, was published in the Official Gazette, Official Gazette No. 226, on December 7 of the same year.

Lakayo was Chief of the General Staff of the Fourth Military Command, He was promoted to colonel on the 34th anniversary of the establishment of the military in 2013. Later he served as the military attaché in Mexico.

On April 21, 2016, through Presidential Agreement 88-2016, Ortega rescinded “the appointment of Colonel of Infantry (DIM), Reinaldo del Carmen Lacayo Centeno, as Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua previously. United Mexican Government,” details the publication in La Gaceta.

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Lacayo’s change is the third since November 24, when he was removed from his position in Cuba on Ambassador Luis Cabrera Gonzalez . Cabrera spent 14 years as Nicaragua’s ambassador to Cuba. Through the 195-2021 presidential agreement, Ortega decided to “revoke” Cabrera’s appointment to the position he held on February 5, 2007.

Instead of Cabrera, Siddharta Francisco Marin Araús was appointed Nicaragua’s ambassador to Cuba through the 196-2021 presidential agreement, but it only lasted 11 days. It has been removed and replaced by Lacayo Centeno, who was fired from the position after about a month.

Changes in Miami

The regime also made changes at the Miami Consulate in the United States, whereby the consul Leila de Jesus Cisneros Vega was removed and a predecessor was appointed.

Presidential Agreement 221-2021 rescinds the appointment of Leila de Jesus Cisneros Vega as Consul General of Nicaragua in Miami, Florida, USA; Set forth in Presidential Agreement No. 12-2018, dated January 10, two thousand and eighteen, published in the Official Gazette, January 15, 2018.

Luis Alberto Martinez Nogueira was appointed in his place by Presidential Agreement 222-2021.

Other changes

Other changes that emerged Thursday at La Gaceta are the appointment of Juan Ramón Gámez Morales as Nicaragua’s ambassador to the government of Guatemala, through Presidential Agreement 224-2021.

The post of Nicaraguan Ambassador to Guatemala has been vacant since December 15 When Valdrak Jaenstschke was removed from office, who was in office just over two months after the Ortega regime rescinded Franklin Javier Duarte Palma’s appointment to the position, nearly a year after taking it in October 2020.

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Janczy was appointed Minister Counselor with consular functions at the Honduran Embassy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also published Agreement 42-2021, to accept the resignation of Mariana Eugenia Silva Amador from the position of Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States (OAS), as well as the rank of attaché in the Diplomatic Corps of the Diplomatic Corps.

In 2021, 102 changes in the diplomatic corps were registered, according to a census conducted by the newspaper LA PRENSA based on the agreements published in La Gaceta, the Official Gazette, 60 of which were to cancel various diplomatic appointments, among them, 27 abolition of ambassadors in countries and international organizations.

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