Russian oligarchs, the new target of the teenager who challenged Elon Musk on Twitter

Russian oligarchs, the new target of the teenager who challenged Elon Musk on Twitter

Just a few weeks ago Jack Sweeney, 19 years oldascended to his virtual fame Twitter brawl with Elon Musk at the expense of The profile is dedicated to monitoring the movements of private aircraft The billionaire behind SpaceX and Tesla. Now, having decided not to accept the offer he received to close his Twitter account, he has done so They launched a new campaign with a new goal: the Russian oligarch. Within days, he amassed thousands of followers.

The Russian Oligarch Jets launched on Sunday, and they already have more than 100,000 followers. (Photo: Twitter Capture / Russian Oligarch Jets)

Florida resident Sweeney’s fame (according to his Twitter profile, which has over 55,000 followers) is due to his idea of ​​launching a profile called Tweet embed in June 2020. Although this did not reach a certain resonance until Musk stepped in, offering his creator $5,000 to shut it down. He refused the offer and responded with a demand of $50,000. Negotiations are over there and the giant aircraft watch continues to be updated regularly and has nearly 400,000 followers.

Mask is not the only target to watch. Other regulars classification From Forbes how Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are also in the spotlight for his tweets. A list just grew after two accounts were launched on Sunday to monitor the movements of Russian oligarchs’ private jets. The version that came after An American announcement of the application of sanctions against the inner circle of the Russian President by Russian invasion of Ukraine.

account Russian oligarch planes It opened just a few days ago, has posted just over twenty tweets and already has over 104,000 people interested in following the moves of Russian millionaires like Vladimir Potanin (the richest person in Russia), Roman Abramovich (Chelsea owner) and Alexander Abramov (Billionaire in the steel sector). In addition, she has also created another private account to follow the movements of Vladimir Putin’s planeAnd the even though He himself warned One of the difficulties of collecting public data in the country.

These formations automated and feed on Information collected by bots. What are they posting? Where private planes take off and land which you follow. as posted CNBC and collect it from the insideMany Russian businessmen moved their yachts out of fear that they might be seized after the warning from the United States.

Sweeney explained to Bloomberg I will create these accounts afterwards Get a lot of requests to do it And it was used as a starting point for a blog called radar spots to create your list. “The planes that these few have are absolutely insane. Their planes are huge compared to other planes”, he stated to the aforementioned medium. As he explained, these are not ordinary private aircraft, but commercial aircraft such as Airbus A319 and Boeing 737 are used as private jets.

Tell Colby Howard, President of Paragon Intel and Aviation Expert Bloomberg The profiles Sweeney creates are attractive to the general public because they are easily accessible and have been dubbed the “People Magazine Edition” of corporate aviation intelligence. He considers that “people are more obsessed with wealth than ever before. It is almost a way paparazziThat’s why it’s popular.”

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