Evelyn Beltran, her birthday: This is how she celebrated her 27th birthday with Tony Costa | Instagram photos | US celebrities | nnda nnlt | Fame

Evelyn Beltran, her birthday: This is how she celebrated her 27th birthday with Tony Costa |  Instagram photos |  US celebrities |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Gone are those times when their love was just a TV rumour. A week ago, he confirmed his relationship with A few days later, he prepared a huge surprise for his twenty-seventh birthday.

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The Spanish dancer, knowing that his sweetheart’s birthday is approaching, had no better idea than to entertain her in a very special way and share it via .

Tony Costa’s new partner surprised her on her birthday (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)

This was a celebration of Beltron EVELYN with TONI COSTA

Upon returning to Miami after a few days in OrlandoAnd the Tony Costa He covered Evelyn Beltrán’s eyes to take her to a mysterious place, which was something that moved the model so much with Mexican roots that she captioned herself on her Instagram account.

A few minutes into the car, the Spaniard made Evelyn walk a few meters until he reached the area where all the surprises were armed.

When they got there, a pool party was waiting for them, in which all the close relatives of the influencer were found, who were very excited.

Her joy was so great that she could not help but shed a few tears, as shown in the video that she herself shared on social networks.

“Best surprise of my life”wrote on his Instagram, where he took the opportunity to thank Tony Costa And to his friends for being present at a very special moment.

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Confirmation of love between Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltron

The Spanish dancer was intercepted by a journalist after a class in Miami in order to get his statements and it was there that he finally confessed everything.

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“My heart has been busy for a while, so I am very well, very calm and happy, and above all happy. Everyone already knows that, do a good research”The actress said to the program:Live gossipWhen asked if it was Evelyn, Tony answered in the affirmative.

“Can’t you see the smile I have? Everything is fine, the important thing is that love prevails, what do you want me to tell you? I am very happy, very calm”he added.


Evelyn Beltran is a Mexican influencer who unexpectedly became famous after starting a relationship with her Tony Costa since last year.

However, before that she was already well known in Texas because she participated.

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