Russia’s first electric aircraft performs a test flight at MAKS 2021 Aerospace Expo

Russia’s first electric aircraft performs a test flight at MAKS 2021 Aerospace Expo

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Russia’s first electric plane made its maiden test flight on SaturdayOn the occasion of the MAKS 2021 space fair in Zhukovsky (Moscow).

The aircraft was made on the basis of a flight laboratory applied to the Yak-40. In this regard, the press office of the Advanced Research Foundation reported: “The Yak-40, equipped with a hybrid propulsion system – based on a gas turbine engine and a superconducting electric motor – has just carried out a test flight at the MAKS-2021 air show. During the flight, the aircraft operated Electric propulsion system.

The superconducting motor is part of a hybrid system. the last one Auxiliary engines include: electric and gas turbine, powered by two jet aircraft used in the original Soviet aircraft. Batteries, a turbine engine and an electric generator also make it.

The Russian technology company SuperOx and specialists from the Baranov Central Institute for the Development of Aviation Engines and the Aviation Technical University in the city of Ufa, are the innovators advanced electric motor In question which she has With a capacity of 500 kW (679 hp).

The propeller at the front of the aircraft is energized by the electric propeller – built into the hybrid drive system -, which experts have carried outFor superconductivity technology and cryogenic refrigeration. This allows the electric motor, which is still in the testing phase, to be 5-20% cheaper.

(With information from RIA Novosti and RT in Spanish)

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