Ryan Garcia wasn’t finished, he beat Oscar Duarte

Ryan Garcia wasn’t finished, he beat Oscar Duarte

Ryan Garcia returned to the ring with a knockout victory over Oscar Duarte in Houston, Texas.

Houston — Ryan Garcia Beat Mexico and return to winning ways Oscar Duarte by chloroform Round eight This Saturday at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

The decision ended at 2:51 of the eighth round when Duarte failed to beat referee James Green’s 10 count.

A counter punching left hook opened the door to Ryan’s victory. Contact with the face unnerved Duarte. Noticing that, Ryan pressed the accelerator until the fight was over.

“He’s a strong fighter, he’s a Mexican fighter like me, we’re tough. He’s always coming at me. I used my jab and my legs to open up and get more opportunities for my punches,” explained Ryan Garcia. He described his application protect want Mayweather style. “I had to slow him down. He was speeding up and I was like, ‘Man, we’ve got to cut this off somehow.’

Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) led at the stoppage on the judges’ scorecards 68-65, 69-64 and 68-65. He lost rounds 5 and 6 on two of the three scorecards, and Duarte (26-2-1, 21 KOs) was coming on strong when Garcia hit him in the 8th round.

In his first appearance under coach Derrick James, ESPN’s 2022 Coach of the Year, he replaced Joe Cousin after Ryan’s loss. Kervonda Davis Last April, Garcia explained: “Derrick told me, ‘Start using your legs a little bit, it’ll open up the shot,’ and he really did. This is our first fight. We’re going to build on this. I’m determined to be world champion.”

Garcia looked uncomfortable at times in the ring after his first loss. He flashed a shoulder roll during the fight, but it was to no avail as he turned his back to Duarte’s powerful body shots.

Garcia’s two fights in 2022 were contested at 140 pounds before a 136-pound catchweight superfight with Davis, which included a same-day rehydration clause that would not allow him to weigh more than 146 pounds. The fight with Duarte took place at 143 pounds.

Duarte, a 135-pound fighter, was the smaller man, but he was relentless in his pursuit of Garcia, following him with body shots when Garcia threw a jab, usually connected with a powerful left hook.

Duarte, 27, entered the fight riding an 11-fight KO streak and out-hit Garcia 62-55. But it was Garcia who landed the hardest blows and had the fastest hands.

Garcia moved around the ring without landing many punches in rounds 7 and 8 before he landed the only shot he needed. Despite his opposition, Duarte was unable to win the count.

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Back to winning ways, Garcia challenged 140-pound champion Rollie Romero, who lost to Davis by knockout.

“If Rollis wants it, do it, Rollis,” Garcia said. “Let’s keep building, then go after Devin Haney and all the other guys… Teofimo. But you know, we’ve got to make our moves.”

Information from Mike Coppinger is used in this report.

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