Liga MX: Liguilla At the moment, it is heading to the semi-finals of the Apertura 2023

Liga MX: Liguilla At the moment, it is heading to the semi-finals of the Apertura 2023

America and Atlético San Luis are the first confirmed key to the semi-finals, given their standing in the Apertura 2023 rankings.

America And St. Louis Athletic They are the first guests in the semi-finals of Apertura 2023 and will compete against each other to qualify for the final, as they are the best and worst ranked team alive, while Guadalajara And Tigers They have a hand to complete this case, but the tightness of the string involved before Cougars And Puebla They leave room to think about a possible timbre.

Currently ranked teams:




against American Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language apertura 2023 leader, America DefeatedLion (4-2 overall), while St. Louis Athletic

against GDL GDL Tigers



They have the advantage in their series, but there are still rematches to be played on Sunday to determine the final teams. How are things going in the quarter-finals? The Eagles salvaged a draw against Vieira after falling behind on several occasions after 90 minutes, but imposed conditions 2-0 at Estadio Azteca and advanced to the semi-finals.

Potosi became the first surprise of the current Liguela after winning 1-0 Monterey At the Alfonso Lastras Stadium and reaffirmed the title of “dark horse” after obtaining the ticket to qualify for the semi-finals with a 1-1 draw in the Royal Feudal.

The herd has been cancelled Cougars But on the Akron turf, they were unable to pull off a shock victory thanks to Oriazul goalkeeper Julio Gonzalez, who donned the mantle of a superhero during the first 90 minutes to liven up their cause and leave them one goal away from qualifying. Reaching the semi-finals.

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In another surprise from Liguila, humble Puebla, they faced one of the strongest teams in Liga MX in front of their fans and came out with a draw heading to the Universitario Stadium, where they must win to complete this achievement or bid farewell to the tournament.

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