Sam Presti reveals his disagreements with Josh Guede

Sam Presti reveals his disagreements with Josh Guede

If Josh Giede's fitness for the Oklahoma City Thunder left doubts during the season, it was violently revealed by the Dallas Mavericks. The point guard has been relegated to the background due to Jalen Williams' growth as a generator, forcing him to operate off the ball and is far from comfortable. The Mavs took advantage of his inconsistent shooting to ignore him on offense. Which made his statements in court painful. Gedi finished the last two games of the draw as a substitute for the first time in his career and with a net rating of -14.7 in his minutes on the field.

The end of this season caused Marc Daigneault and Sam Presti to finally sit him out. The plan was to make him commander of the second unit. Given the heat of the facts, they will almost certainly dispense with him at the end of the match. “When I talked to him about our plans, Josh had a hard time seeing them. “We started by directing the conversation about their potential options elsewhere,” Presti says. The memo Concession upon transfer. “Josh has the potential to be an All-Star, but given our current structure, betting on that possibility would not be optimal for the team.”

This means that the Australian refused to sit on the bench, and instead, preferred to search for a satisfactory result for both parties. And in Chicago, he will certainly enjoy the share of the ball that has been stolen from him in recent months. However, along the way, he will also have to give up being part of a group that aspires to everything.

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