Santander deposited 3.6 billion pesos by mistake over Christmas

Santander deposited 3.6 billion pesos by mistake over Christmas

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Well, they say that Christmas is a “time to give” and those who have literally followed that philosophy are followers of it. Santander Bank, although not because they wanted it that way. In Great Britain they state that this banking institution I mistakenly deposited the equivalent of 3.6 billion pesos And now they will have to Go to court to get them back.

Information is shared by daily Mail which specifies that on the 25th of December last year, Santander mistakenly deposited 75,000 people amounting to 130 million pounds, or 176 million dollars, the remaining funds from the institution’s reserves, which now will have to face a long process in order to be able to recover them.

Among the many problems facing Santander, the beneficiaries of this error belong to other banks such as HSBC, Barclays and NatWest, which will make the process even more complicated. In addition, it is not known if people actually spent the money that “magically” appeared in their accounts, though In Great Britain, the use of unrecognized funds is punishable by law, with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

Matt Boyle, a financial specialist at the portal, explained to the Daily Mail: “It’s not like pressing Control + Z on the computer, it’s going to be a very long walk that will cost the organization a lot of time and effort, even though there is a law on its side because it prohibits beneficiaries from Disposition of this poorly deposited money.”

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They paid double 75,000 people, Santander’s fault

According to British media timesA spokesperson for Santander Bank reported that 130 million pounds of vaults were due to a Technical problem And that Some of your customers’ payments have been doubled.

Apparently, they correctly received the first payment, but almost immediately another equal payment was transferred to them, which came from the bank’s reserves. “The duplicate payments were the result of a software bug that was quickly identified,” the spokesperson added.

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