Canelo declares himself to Lucero, “Make her happy for the rest of her life.”

Canelo declares himself to Lucero, “Make her happy for the rest of her life.”

famous mexican boxer, Canelo Alvarez, I decided to plead in front of the famous Mexican singer Lucero, this is in full concert and right in front of his ex-partner, Manuel Megaris.

Video trend in social networks, confess his love for Famous He even gave him a rose to confirm it, it showed that he was very nervous, his voice trembling, and he even threw some very romantic words at him.

Apparently it has always been his platonic loveIn the clip we can see the athlete saying that he wished he had been born in Lucero’s time, to make her happy all her life, some words that made Lucero blush and also to get a little nervous and laugh.

Social networks were surprised, both by the statement, because Canelo is just marriedAll this happened in a financial group hostel held on December 28, where the boxer also had the opportunity to hold the microphone and sing a little.

Those present were also taken aback by the remarks, and many believed that he does not sing badly.

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Megaris / Agence France-Presse

Megaris was present when Canelo Alvarez proposed to Lucero.

“Those beautiful eyes, that precious smile, that beautiful presence” were some of the compliments he gave her.

Those present were screaming the moment Canillo unfolded on stage and made his remarks, he even gifted him a verse that read:

‘Tell me about Romeo and Juliet and Perseus,’ he said, ‘what a beautiful story, and now it turns out to be bigger and more beautiful, and that’s how I feel about you.’

The song we sang to him was composed by Joan Sebastian called This and More, although of course he’s good on box, not mic, so we can’t expect much from him either.

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