Santos vs Atletico de San Luis (4-1) Match Summary. Goal and half time

Santos vs Atletico de San Luis (4-1) Match Summary.  Goal and half time

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Santos is starting to show himself as a title contender This early 2022, in which already Appears among the leaders thanks to 22 points He has accumulated and it helped him to reach America Beat Atletico de San Luis 4-1 Andre Jardine led the competition. Only Rayados shined above with 24 points In the overall table.

Eduardo Fentanes has a very serious squadcurdled, and in which each of its elements They know exactly what they are looking for and how to create it Inside the field; That is why Four wins in a row A few managed to stay in a match.

The result came soon

The Warriors are motivated and they soon showed it against the visitors Eduardo Aguirre took the lead after just 8 minutes through a penaltyHarold Preciato was easily outwitted by Marcelo Barovero, who had beaten him two minutes earlier.

No party since then, reason Laguneros handled it brilliantlyCreated danger by keeping the ball far from his goal, especially led by Preciado, but by them Already in the 48th minute, Leo Suarez was responsible for scoring the second goalA shot from outside the area that Barovero ate.

Not content, the home team followed up their excellent performance to create a landslide that will fill them with confidence ahead of the championship’s end. Javier Correa finished third at 64 minutesJose Lozano made his debut in a short time to make it 4-0.

At the end of the game, Rubens Samboosa lost to make it 4-1The chalk was no consolation for the visit and Santos didn’t lose his luster as his performance tonight was top notch, in He’ll go to sleep knowing he’s neck and neck with America and just two points behind Rayados.

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