Sarah Everard vigil: Clapham event canceled after talks with police, organizers say | UK News

Sarah Everard vigil: Clapham event canceled after talks with police, organizers say |  UK News

Sarah Everard’s vigil at Clapham this evening was canceled after discussions with police.

Take back these streets He tweeted: “We regret the confirmation that the Clapham vigil that was scheduled for tonight has been canceled. Please see the full statement here.”

Instead, we are collecting £ 320,000 for women’s issues: £ 10,000 for each proposed fine for the 32 vigils originally scheduled. ”

“We were very disappointed that, given the many opportunities to engage with the organizers constructively, the Metropolitan Police was not prepared to commit to anything,” they said in the statement.

“We continue to believe that with appropriate mutually agreed measures in place, tonight’s vigil at Clapham Common will be safe and in compliance with restrictions and safety regulations.

Instead of tonight’s event, organizers said a virtual gathering would be arranged.

Earlier, several people said they would I still go to Clapham Kumun today To commemorate Mrs. Everard – Although “Reclaiming These Streets” advises against doing so now.

Their statement added: “As the event has now been canceled, we strongly encourage people not to gather this evening at Clapham Kumon.

I lost Everard last week at Clapham

“Despite the court ruling, the police response is that doing so may put yourself at risk from a legal standpoint.”

Yesterday it was announced that a Metropolitan Police officer was charged with the kidnapping and murder of Mrs. Everard, who went missing in South London last week.

Wayne Cousins He will appear in Westminster District Court Later this morning.

The 48-year-old was hospitalized on Friday for the second time in 48 hours to receive treatment for a new head injury he sustained in custody.

“The officers are watching him and he received immediate first aid. He went out on the same day and was returned to custody,” a Met police spokesman said.

Al-Cosin was previously treated in hospital for a separate head wound on Thursday, which he sustained while in custody while he was alone in his cell.

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Assistant Commissioner of Police Nick Evgriff is declared dead outside Scotland Yard.

Meanwhile, a woman in her 30s, who had previously been arrested on suspicion of aiding a criminal, was released on bail.

She is scheduled to return to the police station in mid-April.

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