Say hello to the triple champion! USA gives Dominican Republic an upset win to win Concacaf U-20 pre-World Cup

Say hello to the triple champion!  USA gives Dominican Republic an upset win to win Concacaf U-20 pre-World Cup


The United States were crowned three-time Concacaf Under-20 champions this Sunday after beating the Dominican Republic 6-0 in the final of the 2022 tournament at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras.

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Goals were scored by Tyler Wolff (17th minute); Paxton Aaronson (37 and 55), Noah Allen (39), Jack McGlynn (53) and Nicholas Tsakiris (61).

Both teams have already qualified for the Indonesia-2023 World Cup in the category and have qualified for the Paris-2024 Olympic Games through Concacaf.

Honduras and Guatemala also qualified for Indonesia-2023 through Concacaf, knocking one of the region’s giants, Mexico, out of the U-20 tournament.

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Final score: 6-0

*Tyler Wolff scored the first goal of the game when he headed in a cross from Jackson Hopkins.

Paxton Aaronson scored the second on 36, taking a superb pass from Diego Luna and slotting it past the goalkeeper.

*Two minutes later (38), USA got their third thanks to Noah Allen’s rebound.

*Jack McGlynn makes 52 to make it 4-0 and USA retain the CONCACAF World Cup.

*Paxton Aaronson finished fifth at No. 55 as the U.S. won the CONCACAF Under-20 Championship.

*For 6-0, Niko Tsakiris came on in the 61st minute.

Confirmed Rows:

USA: Christopher Brady, Mauricio Cuevas (C), Noah Allen, Brandon Craig, Paxton Aaronson, Jalen Neal, Diego Luna, Tyler Wolff, Nicolas Tsakiris, Jackson Hopkins and Alejandro Alvarado Jr.

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Alternate: Juan Carrera, Marcus Fercranus, Quinn Sullivan, Jack McGlynn, Caden Clarke, Michael Halliday and Rogas Buxtas.

Dominican Republic: Omry Bello, Charbel Wehbe, Thomas Jungbauer, Sebastian Mañon (C), Bryan More, Angel Montes De Oca, Anelo Gómez, Diefri Sandy, Yordi Alvarez, Miguel Vázquez and Guillermo De Peña.

Alternate: Xavier Valdez, Edison Ascona, Adonis Maria, Luis Francisco, Jason Yambadis, Albeni Tamarez and Annie Rojas.

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