“Science and religion are two different ways of finding meaning in our lives.”

“Science and religion are two different ways of finding meaning in our lives.”

It is possible to build bridges between knowledge sane scientific and technical and religions. Teilhard de Chardin explains it well: “For my part, I am convinced that there is no longer any strength food natural for religious life of communicating well-understood scientific facts. There are bridges of course like MedicationOr technology or philosophy.

However, we must not forget that a file Religion and science They have different, though not completely incompatible, paths to searching for the truth that gives meaning to our lives. While religion is based on Faith On unquestioned religious beliefs, science relies on Note, in the experiment and in the results to accept or reject a hypothesis. and always reviewable When new discoveries appear.

In general, religions accept scientific knowledge, science, spiritual dimension for human being. To give meaning to life, there are two options: to be a believer by accepting science, and not to be a believer on the basis of spirit alone. human morals And in science. It is not true that a person cannot reach it fullness Without religious belief. Both options are valid for performing as human being. Discrimination against a believer or an unbeliever contradicts human thought based on disparity. Everyone is free to search, find the chosen path and follow it.

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