Science and the long-awaited way back into our daily lives – El Financiero

Science and the long-awaited way back into our daily lives – El Financiero

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about countless changes in the lives of all people, it has been a mandatory shift in our consumption habits, in the way we relate to others, and it has also led to different behaviors of adaptation. Those films in which unusual situations were observed where the characters had to wear masks, became our main companion when leaving the house.

For its part, the education sector has had to adapt to change, giving way to digital education and highlighting the inequality that exists for those students and teachers who do not have access to computers or an internet connection. Meanwhile, from a business point of view, remote working models have increased and may become a new way of working in many companies. Likewise, the impact on supply chains and the unexpected increase in demand for different products has surprised many entrepreneurs and decision makers.

Last fall, experts predicted an increase in the number of virus infections around the world, so we all knew there was still a long way to go. Then, in the winter of 2020, mutations in this virus were discovered that led to the implementation of severe confinement measures. However, the fear was tempered by the huge amount of news about vaccine trials and that was the key moment for science to become that light at the end of the tunnel, allowing the global community to approach a new normal.

In this context, the infinite challenges at the international level represented by the current situation, science and what goes around it have regained its importance all over the world. In addition, science dissemination projects have brought us feelings of hope, as science will give us the opportunity to take a step forward to meet the great challenges of the global community. This sense of hope and certainty continues to grow as the vaccine against the virus is applied in different parts of the world.

In this sense, I would like to refer to the 2021 edition of the study”The state of science in the world”, developed by 3M, which states that 9 out of 10 Mexicans now rely on science as a factor to restore their lives and continue on this path of recovery, with strong hope that the remainder of this year will be better than the last. Likewise, Mexicans hope that they can , with the help of science, are soon able to travel to see family or friends, and restore a sense of closeness to loved ones; 58 percent of them want hugs and greetings as they used to.

The new enthusiasm on the part of young people towards science suggests that the perception of it can continue to improve as younger generations age. Related to this is that 9 out of 10 people in Mexico understand that scientists are indispensable actors for our future well-being as a result of the pandemic. In addition, 74 percent of those surveyed agreed that young people have a greater commitment to science-related topics. There is no doubt that scientists and doctors around the world are inspiring new generations to explore careers and disciplines related to science.

The world faces countless challenges that require scientific skill to tackle and solve major problems such as climate change, energy transition, poverty reduction, and most recently the development of a vaccine capable of ending the pandemic. These challenges require a new generation of scientists who contribute intelligently, creatively, and passionately to a better world.

We all have a common interest: finding a way back into our daily lives. In this context, it is the responsibility of companies and we as a society to be aware of the ongoing changes in information and evidence on SARS-Cov-2, that as it is a new virus, scientists and professionals are in a constant state of search for it. In the face of this panorama of uncertainty, scientific evidence is our greatest ally.

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