Science Fiction Teachings of Cyber ​​Security

Science Fiction Teachings of Cyber ​​Security
New in the Matrix (Photo: FILE)

Some say that “reality is stranger than fiction”, but it cannot be denied Science fiction has brought some cybersecurity lessons to life.

This genre is available in comics, graphic novels, books, series, and films such as matrix, Which is characterized by talking about hypothetical future scenarioswhere there is definitely technology involved.

Although most of them have miserable stories Where machines are revealed to humans, there are some more optimistic machines where everything ends in the best possible way.

Being closely related Science fiction with technology and the future, on some occasions have achieved successes such as the 3D projections of Back to the Future. From that same, they left a reflection on cybersecurity, according to ESET, the following:

The 1999 Matrix (Photo: file)
The 1999 Matrix (Photo: file)

The main education is that Agent Smith, the main villain in this story (Beyond the Machines) begins to work with the System, taking care to maintain order within the Matrix. But after being defeated by Neo in the first movie, turns into a computer virus: Able to self-replicate by infecting humans and various programs.

Beyond acting like a virus, It allows you to understand how another type of malicious code works: botnets. These infect many computers that are centrally controlled by a cybercriminal.

They seek to take advantage of the full potential that infected computers have to perform malicious actions together such as denial of service attacks and malware distribution, among others.

Agent Smith replication deserves this type of malware, and they all work A kind of central “collective conscience” that operates on the basis of the desires of the controller. In order to “defeat” bots, you don’t have to be Neo, but you must keep operating systems and applications updated and not download unknown files.

I'm a Robot (Photo: File)
I’m a Robot (Photo: File)

Inspired by Isaac Asimov’s robot report, sets humanity in the year 2035, where robots, governed by three basic laws that prevent harm to humans, perform various auxiliary tasks and represent 1/5 of the population.

Everything seems to be going smoothly until Chicago detective Dale Spooner (Will Smith), who goes after Sonny (Alan Tudyk), a robot suspected of killing its owner and creator.

However, they end up working as a team and discovering that VIKI, the artificial intelligence supercomputer that is the core of controlling all robots, has developed its own logic that robots must control everything to protect humans.

education is that Technology can help with multitasking but human help will always be needed And that in the field of cyber security, everyone (companies and homes) must learn about security practices so that they can control any unexpected event.

Back to the Future (Photo: Archive)
Back to the Future (Photo: Archive)

This ’80s classic about time travel in a DeLorean invites you to think about the importance of doing the right thing. Support, Well, when Marty goes to the past and changes many things in this dimension, when he comes home, things change too and he sees the effect he had (which can be good or bad).

This confirms the need for Configure the information correctly Now, so that there is not the slightest chance in the future that something will go wrong or be lost along the way.

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