Scientists are exploring the Hawaiian lava as if it were on the surface of Mars

Scientists are exploring the Hawaiian lava as if it were on the surface of Mars

Specialized scholars Simulate the habitat of the HI-SEAS moon base in Hawaii daily, Preparing for future missions to the moon and mars. The project is a simulation and simulation of space exploration in Hawaii, and according to director Michaela Musilova, the results of their experiments and research will be presented these days.

HI-SEAS goal

HI-SEAS is the analogue home and research station of Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Scholars Working daily in the harsh environment of lava tubes, They wear their special analog EVA suits, called EVA.

The goal of training and experiences with allowances is Explore the lava tubes found on Mars and the Moon. In fact, the experiments conducted in the Mauna Loa tubes will be the same as those that need to be done in space.

Mars tubes have been prime targets in astrobiology research ever since It is believed to have biological forms of lifeIt also occurs in some caves and lava tubes on Earth. Also, the moon’s lava tubes They could serve as shelters in future human settlements.

But the lava tubes are difficult to explore and require practices and procedures that are being investigated in Hawaii.

Musilova director points out that the use of EVA equipment makes the job 3 times more difficult, so it is imperative to gain the skill Necessary to allow research of this kind to be carried out on the moon and on Mars.

Similar explorations

Bernard Voying, executive director of the International Moon Exploration Task Force’s Euro Moon Project, agrees The volcanic landscape of Mauna Loa is very similar to what can be seen on the moon or on Mars.

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But investigations into the explorations of the Euro Moon Mars project at HI-SEAS have also been developed in other relevant sites: In Iceland, in the Chilean Atacama Desert and in the Utah Desert.

These analog sites enabled all subsequent explorations to test and train new technologies that could be sent into space. In many cases, The HI-SEAS crew performs a mission as they do in space. There is a commander, operations officer, engineer, and science liaison officer, as well as professionals like biologists and crop experts.

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