Scientists calculate how much time a person can spend on Mars

Scientists calculate how much time a person can spend on Mars


5 sep 2021 23:11 GMT

According to the researchers, when the intensity of the most intense radiation decreases, the optimal time to fly to the red planet corresponds to the maximum of the sun.

According to international scientists, the duration of unmanned missions to Mars may not exceed 4 years due to the danger posed to its members by radiation from the sun, distant stars and galaxies. They published His findings were recently published in AGU Space Weather Magazine.

Researchers from the Skolkov Institute for Science and Technology (Russia), the University of California (USA), the University of Botsdam (Germany) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) evaluated the impact of cosmic radiation on the health of team members. , As well as the limits imposed by the weight of the spacecraft’s armor, simulating the dispersion of particles inside it.

In particular, scientists analyzed two main types of hazardous radiation – Solar energy particles (SEP) and The Galactic cosmic rays (GCR, for its abbreviation in English) -, its intensity depends on the activity of the sun, affects various human organs and affects the spacecraft.

Calculations showed Optimal time to fly For the red planet, which lasts about 9 months, Corresponds to the maximum of the sun, The intensity of GCR, the most intense radiation, decreases in 6-12 months after the peak of solar activity. However, even works started during solar peaks Cannot be more than 4 yearsBecause, after that time, the group will emerge Dangerous levels of radiation.

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Similarly, it has been found that the use of materials capable of providing additional protection against cosmic radiation is conditioned by the maximum allowable weight of the aircraft. In addition, over time, the materials used can Start emitting radiation Themselves.

However, the study shows that such work. “It is possible“,” The space radiation spacecraft can be very heavy and imposes severe limits on launch and presents technical difficulties for human travel to Mars. ” Insists Yuri Spritz, a geologist and professor of research at the University of California.

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