Cardinal Rosa Chavez: “The world accompanied us in the peace process, and now it will accompany us to save democracy”

Cardinal Rosa Chavez: “The world accompanied us in the peace process, and now it will accompany us to save democracy”

For the cardinal, El Salvador’s democracy is in “intensive care, it’s almost in its final phase.” He urges the government to correct the provision allowing for re-election.

For Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chavez, the Democrat in El Salvador is in the “intensive care” stage, he compares it to a fatal disease that will already be in the “final stage”. However, he believes that there is still hope for the government to be corrected and that the international community will accompany the country to save democracy.

He explained to various media on Sunday that “the world accompanied us in the peace process and now it will accompany us in the process of saving democracy and authentic democracy.”

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In fact, since February 9, 2020, international organizations that monitor human rights and other organizations associated with respect for jurisprudence have set their eyes on El Salvador and with greater focus after the first blow of the May 1, 2021 constitution with the dismissal of the judges of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General.

Cardinal lamented that the government’s recent actions against the rule of law and violations of the Constitution were committed in a civil month, in the month when El Salvador celebrates 200 years of its national independence.

“We are in the month of the Fatherland, the month of independence, the month of joy in general in the country, we should be joyful, jubilant and excited, but today we are worried,” said Rosa Chavez.

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According to the cardinal, two sentences are being weakened at the moment, namely the “rule of law” and due process following the reforms of the judicial profession law and the decision of the Constitutional Chamber imposed by the complicity of the executive. With the governing body in the council.

We share the vision that we have to respect the constitution that does not allow for immediate re-election, but what happened? The rule of law and due process were eroded. If they do not take shelter, worse things may happen in the future, and it is appropriate to see them clearly, with a sense of patriotism and responsibility,” he recommended.

Rosa Chavez now assumed that no one could be sure he would get real justice, before dozens of judges were dismissed by order of the executive and upheld by the formal bench, which sends the mandatory retirement of all judges over 60 or those who have served 30 years in power The judicial system, claiming that by doing so, they are fighting corruption.

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“With what intention? Surely justice must be independent. Whoever now feels safe in the face of accusation, and be judged justified, no one feels safe, because the balance is not balanced, he is perverted and this is not good for a country,” said the cardinal.


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