“Scientists have proven it again, science saves lives”

“Scientists have proven it again, science saves lives”

Madrid, October 19 (EFE). – The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morante, emphasized that “science saves lives and protects people” and stressed that scientists have shown this again in La Palma, predicting the onset of the eruption of the volcano. Then provide the basic data to make the right decisions.

Speaking to EFE today, one month after the eruption of the La Palma volcano, the minister noted that, as happened during the pandemic, scientists have now proven once again “that they are a fundamental pillar of society.” This has affected the importance of defending and strengthening the public science system.

“Citizens will one day go out to their balconies to express their appreciation to our scientists, who will be recognized in upcoming budgets as a priority for public employment purposes, as well as health staff and teachers,” the head of the ministry said.

Morant noted that the work of scientists over decades, while the volcano was dormant, has generated knowledge that has made it possible to predict the onset and progression of an eruption, essential for monitoring the situation, to make the most appropriate decisions. Sufficient, which will also serve to better anticipate reconstruction work when the eruption is over.

“By land, sea and air minute by minute”; The minister pointed out that this is how the research centers deployed in La Palma anticipate all emergencies and preserve life, and ensured that this was the case until there was “little danger to the population”, after confirmation. That their anticipatory work was crucial to the preparation of all operations.

The Minister of Science stressed that the example of the Canary Islands joins the example of the epidemic and the realization of vaccines against Covid-19, that society already views the scientific community as one of the main pillars and that the government will translate this “sensitivity” into concrete measures.

In this sense, he indicated that the science law reform being prepared by his administration would contribute to improving the conditions of research staff, or that the Science and Innovation Charter would attempt to secure funding for public science. The system is “adequate and growing” over time.

The minister said, “Only by investing in science will we protect our lives, the life of the planet, and respond to the challenges of the future. There is science behind everything that makes our lives easier and solves our problems.” Meaning that next year’s budgets include “the largest investment in science and innovation in the history of Spain.”

Now, Morant emphasized, “we have the plan and the resources to make Spain the country of the scientific and innovative talent that our society and economy need and deserve.” Given the publication and the efforts of the scientists at La In Order to confront this emergency, Palma insisted, one month after the eruption, that the volcano be sent A message of ‘deep gratitude and appreciation’ to them.

“They have mobilized during this month to put science at the service of the population. And this is science,” the Minister appreciated, noting that the Executive had already approved a decree allowing decisions to be taken to ensure research activities in Palma and that his ministry would allocate 2.5 million euros for research in case of emergency This is amazing.

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