Seattle Saunders vs Lyon (3-0) Summary of the match. Goals

Seattle Saunders vs Lyon (3-0) Summary of the match.  Goals

Mexico City /

Animal Was badly injured In SeattleAfter falling 3-0 tonight against Seattle Saunders In the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League quarter-finals, they are forced to win by four goals or more next week to stay alive in the tournament.

Was One of the worst nights of the lion so far this yearBecause even though he was controlling the ball he was not smart and only made one dangerous arrival. Once again the Rodolfo Cota key So the scoreboard did not end with a difference of four or five goals.

The penalty kick in the 30th minute started the game and was a little emotional from the start. Freddie MonteroFouled by Angel Mena, He was responsible for validating the maximum sentence And send the home team forward on the scoreboard.

Before the end of the first half, although it appeared that the Mexican players might have gotten up to speed, after receiving a corner kick in favor of Fierra, MLS Cadre worked and integrated the counterattack gameSo Montero once again appeared in the area and scored the second goal in the 39th minute.

Leon, what The match came with six unbeaten runs in all competitions.

Despite that, the Mexican goalkeeper was unable to stop the local players from scoring the third goal when the clock crossed 90 minutes. The team, led by Ariel Hollen, must win by three or more goals to advance to the semifinals.

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