How Modern Technologies Changed Online Gaming

How Modern Technologies Changed Online Gaming

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No one can deny the fact that technology is constantly changing the world that we live in. It has influenced the way we communicate with each other, the way we run our businesses, but also the way we have fun. 

In recent years, technology has changed the world of video games in more than one way. It has made it possible for players to enjoy better titles without having to buy expensive equipment and it is constantly improving the quality of online games that you can access via almost any desktop or mobile device. 

Nowadays, almost any type of genre, whether we are talking about RPG or casino games, is looking more realistic than ever before. And things are moving toward a more real-life feeling of VR games that will make it possible to have a completely immersive experience. 

Let’s take a look at different ways in which technology changed online gaming and what the future holds for this industry.

Cloud-Based Technology

One of the biggest changes that happened to online gaming and made it possible is cloud-based technology. Cloud technology made it possible for games to look better and be filled with animation, sound effects, and 3D graphics, without taking any space on our computers. Additionally, it made it possible for players to access online titles in an instant. Players don’t need to invest a lot of money on buying expensive computer equipment nor the latest smartphones to be able to enjoy different online genres thanks to cloud technology.

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Algorithms In Online Casino Games

The advancements in algorithms used for online casino games have opened a door to a new era of gambling. Almost all online slot machine games and other cash games that are played with real money use some kind of algorithm. However, these algorithms had to be perfected so that the games couldn’t be rigged nor too obvious for players to notice a pattern. The popularity of online casinos has increased over time due to these flawless coded systems. This is why free spins no wagering for Canadians or other no deposit and deposit bonuses used to attract new players from the rest of the world are now used to promote new casino titles, and especially slots. Due to improved algorithms that secure fairness and random play, online slots are now one of the most popular genres in the online community. 

3D Graphics and Animations

We mentioned better graphics when we talked about cloud technology. But it goes without saying that special effects and animations used in today’s games couldn’t even be imagined a decade ago. When 3D graphics took the place of 2D graphics, it was considered revolutionary. However, nowadays, almost all genres include some sort of animation, and it’s all thanks to modern technology. 


The fact that VR/AR technology is yet to show its true potential, was recently proved by the latest announcement that came from one of the greatest social media networks in the world. When it comes to the gaming industry, it has already incorporated VR/AR technology to a certain extent. Players around the world are already buying various VR headsets to be able to experience a more immersive play mode. However, it’s expected that in the future, these games will look more life-like and that it will be the next great change in the gaming industry.

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Mobile Technology

Online gaming, as well as the gaming industry in general, had one of the greatest breakthroughs with the advancement of mobile technology. The difference before and after smartphones was that people who enjoyed games usually had to own a super computer or even visit an arcade center to be able to play them. But, with modern smartphones, this all changed. Now, “gamers” could be all those people who wanted to download an app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Of course, modern technology allowed big names like LoL or Fortnite to also be available for mobile devices. But mobile technology made way for new genres to appear like fishing, drawing, runners, and even mobile games for kids. This has significantly increased the number of players across the globe, which made the gaming industry one of the pillars of today’s culture.


These are just some examples of the different ways in which modern technology made it possible for online games to be what they are today. But the big question is – what’s next? The speed in which today’s technology is evolving is mesmerizing, and we are yet to see how it will affect the most entertaining industries of all. 

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