Sebastian Yatra posting a sensual picture and so was Ricky Martin’s reaction!

Sebastian Yatra posting a sensual picture and so was Ricky Martin’s reaction!


The Colombian honey has the success achieved in 2020

Ricky Martin gives “likes” to a sexy photo of Sebastian Yatra (Image: Artists’ Instagram)

Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra posted a post on his Instagram profile that left everyone speechless. He is that the romantic singer is not usually daring in his pictures but this time he made an exception.

After the end of such a difficult year for the world, the career of Sebastian Yatra, unlike those who had not been heard of in 2020, the roof and singer enjoying the honey of his success.

All this because their songs are currently among the most listened to in the world. This victory is mainly due to the fact that he possesses a captivating voice and an extremely impressive talent that attracts fans daily everywhere.

In addition, the Colombian has shown that he also has great acting skills since he has participated in several animated films and other projects are being prepared for this year.

In recent years, the life of a brilliant Colombian has been overpowering one hit after the other, and is increasingly being asked to present the most important duos of the present day. In addition to promoting his own musical topics on social networks as well as all the projects he undertakes.

Every time he outputs a song, he manages to place it among the most-listened songs. This is the case of the recently released Ideal Girl You are real success. This topic was released in the latter half of last year. This musical theme has garnered over 116 million views so far on YouTube. It is one of the most listened songs nowadays.

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While this fame is that a translator Leave This is reflected in their networks because every time you publish a post, your followers are instantly interacting with thousands of Likes And hundreds of comments paying tribute to all that the talented Colombian does.

Although all of these accomplishments have been noted in his career, very little has been said about love, or rather, Sebas has not given much to talk about. He appears to follow alone, having finished with Argentine Tinny Stossel.

In the latest releases of the singer, there have been several reactions from celebrities about the personality of the Colombian. Sebastian shared a photo in which he appears with a naked torso at the side of the pool, a picture that not only loved singer Ricky Martin, but also millions of his followers.

Another pleasant reaction the post elicited was that of fellow musician Luis Fonsi, who left the meaning of “I love you” in the comments.

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