‘Secco’ Perez finishes fifth despite a tough start, while snatching victory from Hamilton Verstappen

‘Secco’ Perez finishes fifth despite a tough start, while snatching victory from Hamilton Verstappen

Mexico City, March 28 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- Britain Louis Hamilton snatched the win from Max Verstappen The first race of the 2021 Formula One season at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Jabopan, Mexico – December 06: The Mexican driver of Formula One Sergio “Secco” Perez prepares to take part in a race at the Omnilife Stadium in Japoban, Mexico on December 06, 2014 as part of the Grand Prix International Wings Army Card. (Photo by Cervanto Gomez Camerillo / Latin Content via Getty Images)

The Red Bull dominated on Fridays and Saturdays, but in the race over the Zakir circuit, the seven-time world champion “stole” seemed to have been done in earlier days. The direct message from the Englishman, from Mercedes, goes to his eighth crown.

The platform was completed by Valteri Bodos (Mercedes). Mexican Sergio Perez, in his debut with Red Bull, finished fifth despite a tough start. Due to technical failure, Lando Norris (McLaren) was in fourth place.

The first race, what was seen in the rest of the campaign, was a direct confrontation between the German team with the Austrians and the English driver with the Dutch.

Perez had a strange start, he did not start the race and when his RB16 died, a technical failure knocked him from 11th to last. He went to the Mexican pit alley and started from there. The power of his new car helped him cross 15 seats In fifth place, his first eight points as Red Bull midfielder.

It seemed that the Austrian engine could not be controlled by Mercedes. Less than five times, Verstappen passed Hamilton, but got out of the way, so he had to cross it and try again. The English defense repulsed the Dutch attack and was not satisfied with the result.

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The seven-time world champion asked the contestant for 2021, who is better than Max, to overthrow the British rule and look for silver arrows.

Verstappen dominated on Fridays and Saturdays in Zagir: he set the best times in free practice and got the polar position, but Lewis snatched his pleasure in the race.

The rivalry between McLaren and Ferrari, who are aiming for third place in the Builders’ Championship – provided a first-hand look at what to expect this year. Lando Norris-Daniel Ricardo (McLaren) and Charles Leklerk-Carlos Sains (Ferrari) distributed bass and friction, which are battles seen throughout the season.

Returning to F1, Spanish Fernando Alonso had problems with his alpine and gave up racing; The senior went with Russian rookie Nikita Masebin (Haas), who did not even last in the four corners of the Zakir circuit.

The first race on the calendar gave the impression of what would be seen: a direct fight between Louis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for the championship, a fierce rivalry between Ferrari and McLaren and a Seco Perez that would give it a chance to win.

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