You can see a “train of lights” in the sky from tonight

You can see a “train of lights” in the sky from tonight

You can admire the array of objects that look like clear stars moving in a row these nights.

It is the latest group of Starling satellites to be launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Saturday morning, December 18th.

The team of 52 satellites was launched into orbit by the Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX, which is part of a comprehensive set of more than 1,900 satellites that provide satellite internet to remote areas.

The Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC) points out that better views can occur when sharing tables on Mondays and Tuesday nights:

Monday 20: 6:40 pm to 6:46 pm Looking south-southeast

Tuesday 21: Southwest viewing from 6:40 pm to 6:46 pm. Probably the most remarkable sight. They move from southwest to northeast.

Wednesday 22: Looking west from 6:36 pm to 6:44 pm. They move from west-southwest to north

“The view of Mars will be very significant, in which case the array of satellites will pass very close to where we see Jupiter,” said SAC’s Eddie Irisari. He explained that of the two brightest planets seen after dark, Jupiter was the brightest of the two, and that this would be a special occasion to appreciate the passage of the Starling series of Mars night satellites.

Although these satellites are of interest, the Institute of Education has clarified that the scientific community has criticized the fact that numerous satellites affect astronomical observations and studies. This is because they often pass through space where various objects are observed and analyzed.

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Based on these claims, SpaceX conducted various experiments, including the use of paint or cards to reduce the brightness of these satellites and the use of a type of “visor” to reduce the reflection of sunlight. However, looking at these satellite lines with the naked eye shows that their brightness has not been reduced.

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