‘Self-aware dwarf’: Alfredo Adams shoots again against Omar Chaparro

‘Self-aware dwarf’: Alfredo Adams shoots again against Omar Chaparro

A few days ago, Alfredo Adams was back in trend again, having lost a new battle. After that event, the harassment was immediate, with many questioning his alleged martial arts skills. Among those who mocked actor Omar Chaparro, who mocked Adam’s “bicycle kicks”.

Comments came on the TV program “Al-Air”, which he went to to promote his new movie: “How is he?” ; in the end, Omar imitated Adam’s moves, and that was the target of jokes.

Then Alfredo attacked the singer, but this is not the first time, because before that their differences were already. The controversial former driver asserted that Omar was an “enviable dwarf,” to which Chaparro responded that he might have been envious, as he had never learned to do bike kicks.

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Adam went all out against Omar Chaparro

But this was not all, because Alfredo asserted that he did not know what Omar’s profession was: “I don’t know who he is, I only deal with successful men, like Eugenio Derbez, Maskabrothers, Adal Ramones; he is a humble loser, a failed dwarf, these comments only come with failure,” he commented.

What is the? Who is he? Is he a clown, comedian, comedian, actor, does he sing and dance? what’s he doing? He is a loser, a poor demon, without talent.” When he was calmer, he mentioned that he had loved Chaparo before, but remembering that, he lost his temper again: “I loved him, but behind these kinds of people there is envy and a mark, and I am also in good shape very. I didn’t spoil him… I didn’t insult him or insult him, I sent him to hell… for his mother, who is different.” Only time will tell if this event turns into another event or if there will be a new competition.

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