semcellar history | basketball total مجموع

semcellar history |  basketball total مجموع

At the start of the match, Olympia took advantage of Begua’s defensive passivity and found in Marvin Phillips the effectiveness needed to start with the right foot. Abel Agarbado joined the good visitor moment who contributed three times in a row. With the development of this period, local foreigners took charge of the attack and narrowed the gap. Donald Sims with Victor Rudd brought out a whole bunch of talent and put their team to the test. In the end, it was Skyler Hogan, who was attracted by his long-range shot and assist, leaving Olympia 29 to 19 after the first 10 minutes.

At the end of the first half, Bigwa went out to eat on the field and soon the changes made went into effect. The rotation resulted in Diego Pena Garcia hitting an outside shot while Martin Rojas caused chaos from behind and in front of the basket. The defensive intensity of the local population abolished all the systems proposed by Olympia. Santiago Vidal from the base got everyone playing and with his assists he boosted his teammates’ moments. A good pass from Zygimantas Riauka in the painted area wasn’t enough to stop the flick of the passing duck and she went into the long rest with a 45-42 win.

After the long break, Bigwa maintained his regularity and hit the ball again in the first minutes. Sims found the first spaces and when he had the chance he didn’t miss it. On the other side of the road, Olympia did not offer ideas and the absence of team game passed over the bills. Vidal teamed up with goals and with a 17 to 2 split in five minutes he began balancing the game. Sims continued to increase his personal account while changes in Colon’s accounts did not generate changes in those led by Gerardo Gouri. Pena Garcia joined the duck feast and those led by Laginestra entered the last 10 minutes to play, winning 74 to 49.

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In the last period Olympia tried but the difference and the short time they played a bad past. The story would have no further end and as the minutes passed, Begua allowed the team to take turns and those who entered did not conflict with the melody of the game. The Villa Biarritz players finished the match 88-71 and were only one victory away from staying with a ticket to the finals.

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