Vitamin C also supports bone health

Vitamin C also supports bone health

The Vitamin C It is an essential micronutrient for Health It performs multiple functions in the human body, including many of which are unknown to a large portion of the population. That’s why it’s important to consume more rich foods in this vitamin.

One of its most famous functions is that it strengthens the immune system in order to fight infection and improve the immune response. Although there are many benefits for the body to have optimal levels of Vitamin C.

However, vitamin C is also essential for bone health. That is, it also contributes to the good condition of the bones, along with other essential micronutrients such as vitamin D or calcium.

In fact, vitamin C deficiency is one of the main causes of scurvy, a disease whose main symptoms are bleeding gums, weak teeth, and poor wound healing. This happens due to the main role that this micronutrient plays in the connective tissue.

Essential for bone health

Regarding this little-known inclusion of Vitamin C, Dr. Susan Brown, from An explanatory video in English highlights the benefits of this micronutrient for bone health.

Next, from Todo Disca we explain some of the keys revealed by expert Susan Brown in this explainer video. Which is that vitamin C is more important for health than we can imagine. In particular, food is essential to life.

Various studies have shown that a higher intake of vitamin C, whether through the diet or through vitamin supplementation, has a positive effect on bone health. On the other hand, regular consumption of this vitamin can also prevent rickets, which is a typical bone disease in childhood.

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More properties about Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbate) is the most abundant and important water-soluble antioxidant found in all cells of the human body. Thus, because osteoporosis arises in large part from oxidative damage, bone cells need stronger antioxidants to protect themselves from these harmful effects.

bone health

Additionally, vitamin C also stimulates osteoblasts, which are bone builders, and helps calm osteoclasts, the cells that break down bone. All this enhances bone strength.

Thus, this micronutrient is essential for regulating the immune system. But eating it can also help people have better bone health, explains therapist Susan Brown.

Finally, it should be noted that this vitamin acts as a kind of substrate for the production of many compounds within the body, including some neurotransmitters, amino acids, and hormones (such as anti-stress hormones).

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