Seremi end of science in Biobío? Governor raises alert

Seremi end of science in Biobío?  Governor raises alert

“I respectfully request that the new Seremi Science keep working from vital biome. Thanks”.

The sentence that opened this article was written by the governor of the region, Rodrigo Diaz, last Thursday, March 10, on his personal Twitter account. That was a day before the inauguration of the new government.

But what was the regional authority alluding to? In recent days, he has heard insistently about the possibility that political hosts in the region that Seremi Science Change of headquarters and move to O’Higgins.

As we will mention, with the entry into force of the law that established The Ministry of Science and Technologyin 2019, five macro areas were also implemented, and the south center was the only one corresponding to O’Higgins . RegionsAnd the sireAnd the cloudy And the BioBio. Of course, the ministry is currently headquartered in Concepción, but in the midst of negotiations to form regional cabinets, the operational base is said to be changing homes.

When consulting some Apurebo Dignidad leaders and militants, who preferred not to be mentioned in this article, the accounts are contradictory. One sector claimed that it had no information in this regard, however, another sector stated that the possibility of ending the number of total regions and establishing ministerial secretariats in all regions of Chile was being studied.

It should be noted that the law establishing the Ministry stipulates, in its transitional Article 6, that during the fifth year of operation “a calendar of inauguration will be drawn up which will specify the dates upon which the remaining regional ministerial secretariats will begin their work, which shall be in office, in full, within a period of A maximum of ten years counted from the entry into force of the ministry.

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Consulted about it, the previous seremi to know From the Great South Central Region, Paulina Asman said she had no information in this regard, and confirmed that until Friday, “nothing” had been discussed in the ministry.

If that change eventually materializes, Asman said it would be “unfortunate,” as the next step should be to install seremis in areas where it’s lacking.

“It took us nearly a year to install. So, it would be a shame, especially considering the science-tech pole vital biomecommented.

From the presidential delegation to BioBio They said it “is a topic that has only been discussed at the transcendental level, but there is no news about it. We want to be responsible and will not expect rumour. We are convinced that the region always needs to be able to make more decisions and give our attention to developing to know and the Techniquebecause of the properties of BioBio With the very high level of universities, this cerame in particular is very important to us.”

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