Sergio Perez doesn’t help Max Verstappen at all: Mika Häkkinen

Sergio Perez doesn’t help Max Verstappen at all: Mika Häkkinen

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The first race of the 2022 season and . has not yet been held The first criticism appeared in Europe against Sergio Perezwho will start fourth in the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday.

Mika HakkinenF1 champion in 1999 and 2000 in his McLaren Mercedes, noted that “Perez is not helping at all” Max VerstappenThis is when analyzing their success Charles Leclerc And the Carlos SainzWho is the It will occupy sites 1 and 3 on the networkrespectively, in the first race of the season and after a great joint effort.

Ferrari has done a really great jobSo they also have two really fast drivers. However, I had it again Feeling that Max didn’t get much help from PerezHe told the Dutch channel Viaplay.

“The Ferraris are definitely derailed, they have two fast drivers and a good car… But I think the Red Bull is good too, (but) Only one went ahead with them. Perez does not helpHakkinen fired.

Verstappen was the only one who was able to compete with the Ferrari drivers on Saturday In koala while Checo appeared from behind and about three-tenths of his partner.

However, The guy from Guadalajara was confident He’s going to have a good Sunday, something he’s been used to since arriving at Red Bull last season, which he’s also been in. Noted for his poor performance in the rankingwhich he had to make up for during the race.

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The Czech language is already in Hakkinen’s eyes

This is the second time the Finn has voiced himself against Checo’s performance in recent days, although he is well focused on Red Bull is a great team whose drivers must always compete at the top.

I don’t see in Peres the traits of a victor. You can say many things about him. Good and bad things. I don’t want to say I don’t respect him because he’s fast. But if we look at it as a whole, I don’t think he has a chance to be the world champion.”

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