Sergio Perez. Paul’s chief engineer highlighted his mental clarity

Sergio Perez.  Paul’s chief engineer highlighted his mental clarity

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The return he created Sergio Perez in it Bahrain Grand Prix The move from 20th to 5th place surprised a team Red BullWhere they highlighted “clear mind”.

The race is barely over on Sunday, Christian Horner, The head of the Austrian national team, pointed that out He “took off his hat” For his reaction to adversity, and now he is Paul Monaghan, Chief engineer, who admitted his work.

In detail, Monaghan mentioned how the car blackout was interrupted Czech That led him to depart from the waiting lane, and always underline it The coldness with which the Mexican had to push the situation forward.

“During the formation cycle, he started to encounter some difficulties, and the car lost all electrical energy, Czech clarity of mindAs if your laptop failed, Turn it off and on again“It is to explain.

With Perez finishing fifth at the end of the day and after scoring ten points, Monaghan was impressed.

He did it brilliantly, recovered, and was not disappointedHe didn’t lose his motivation, continued to advance, advanced at Peloton and scored a lot of points for us. Thank God for the clarity of your mindBefore stating that they would investigate why the car was stopped, he added.

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