Seven Words Sermon: Priests denounce abortion, illicit enrichment, and inequality

Seven Words Sermon: Priests denounce abortion, illicit enrichment, and inequality

In the Seven Words sermon, parish priests denounced abortion, administrative corruption, lack of opportunities for youth, injustice and social inequality.

The first word, “Dad, forgive them, because they don’t know what to do,” was read by Father Bellagio Antonio Taveras.Who said that the human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and becomes a grave through miscarriage.

They continue to ask for forgiveness for what they want to ignore and want to remove God from the center of life. “We live in a society that wants to remove God from the center of the universe and place their interests and beliefs above God.”

They ask for forgiveness when more attention is paid to animal life than to human life, because there are those who are They do not value human life This is the reason for so many unnecessary deaths like miscarriages.

He expressed the Lord’s tolerance of the ignorant more than those who know what they are doing, and the latter are those who maintain chaos in the transportation system, and those who, with their attachment to money, keep people crucified.“We live in a country with great wealth, but people are poor.”

Father Bellagio used to say over and over: “They know what they are doing,” citing those who provide natural wealth with forged contracts and people cannot enjoy that wealth that belongs to them. For those who destroy natural resources like Loma Miranda.

Bad services

He said they know what to do, when they provide poor-quality services in hospitals, schools and transportation, when people deserve dignity; When the citizens bureaucracy procedures for doing any paperwork.

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