Several people were injured in fresh clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers along the border

Several people were injured in fresh clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers along the border
An information panel of the India-China border seen from the Indian side at Bumla in India’s Arunachal Pradesh state (Reuters/File)

A Conflict On the practical border between Indian and Chinese forces Last Friday, several soldiers from both sides were injured in a fresh clash in 2020 that continues to sour bilateral relations, New Delhi said in a statement on Monday.

The incident took place on December 9 in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. According to official Indian Army sources, the Chinese soldiers crossed the LAC, the disputed de facto border that separates the two countries..

Our troops retaliated decisively to this incursion in Tawang sector. A clash that left a few minor injuries on both sides”.

The Indian Army has said Both parties “immediately left the area”. And they held a meeting of military officers to “discuss what had happened in accordance with the means of restoring peace and tranquility.”

Soldiers of the Indian Border Security Force (Reuters/File)
Soldiers of the Indian Border Security Force (Reuters/File)

According to a source consulted by AFP, the incident “caused minor injuries to (some) staff on both sides”. Another source in the Indian Army said: At least six Indian soldiers were injured.

There was no immediate comment from China.

Relations between India and China have since deteriorated sharply Border clash in Kalwan Valley in June 2020In the Western Himalayas, the worst in 45 years among the nuclear nations, of which At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed and 76 wounded, while Beijing admitted Four people died and one was seriously injured.

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Both powers responded to the conflict by sending troops to the LAC, sparking military tensions in the region before beginning to withdraw troops amid fresh military operations and allegations of violations over the territory.

New Delhi and Beijing tried to resolve the crisis through diplomatic channels.

The two nuclear powers maintain historic disputes over various parts of the Himalayas, with Beijing claiming New Delhi-controlled Arunachal Pradesh, which claims neighboring Aksai Chin.

(With information from EFE, AFP)

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