Several Venezuelan and international NGOs have called for the release of the activist who denounced the border conflict

Several Venezuelan and international NGOs have called for the release of the activist who denounced the border conflict
Javier Tarazona, Fundaredes Coordinator

On Friday, several Venezuelan NGOs called for Javier Tarazona released, the main voice to denounce the conflict between the armed forces and FARC defectors in a border region due to a lack of official data.

TarazonaThe director of the non-governmental organization Fundaredes, was arrested on Friday by agents of the Nicolás Maduro regime in the city of Coro, Falcon state, With his brother Rafael Tarazona and human rights defenders Omar de Dios Garcia and Johnny Romero.

the organization Amnesty International joined the request on Friday, Through Amnesty International’s Director for the Americas, Erica Guevara-Rosas, who described the arrest as an “attack” against human rights defenders in Venezuela, “in addition to 97 denunciations by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on human rights.”

Javier Tarazona's arrest photo
Javier Tarazona’s arrest photo

“We demand (Bolivarian National Intelligence Service) Sibin to release Johnny Pacheco, Omar de Dios, Javier and Omar Tarazona, refugees who have disappeared from the coasts of Falcon and Fundarides.”He demanded in a message posted on Twitter.

The Venezuelan Program for Educational Action in the Field of Human Rights (Provia) He also demanded, via his Twitter account, the release of Tarazona and held the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, responsible for his integrity; Ombudsman, Alfredo Ruiz; To the Minister of Interior and Justice, Carmen Melendez, and to the Attorney General’s Office.

Carlos Patiño, a lawyer for Provea, an organization dedicated to defending and promoting human rights, added on his Twitter account that Last Thursday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, warned in her latest report on Venezuela.and criminalization of NGOs and human rights defenders.

Transporting wounded soldiers in Apure (Image courtesy of Javier Tarazona)
Transporting wounded soldiers in Apure (Image courtesy of Javier Tarazona)

the organization Public Space has also joined the request for Tarazona’s release “Defending human rights is not a crime,” he added.

Similarly, the NGO access to justice He said they do not know the whereabouts of Tarazona and other activists arrested with him, “who have a precautionary measure of protection issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)”.

On his part, the director of the Sanctions Forum for NGOs, Alfredo Romero refused “arbitrary detention” and joined the demands for release.

Tarazona’s arrest report has been filed Fundaridis, hours ago on Twitter, where he confirmed that in addition to his manager, the Activists Rafael Tarazona and Omar Garcia, and Director of the National Committee for Families of Victims of Disappearances and Traffickings off the Coast of Venezuela, Jouni Romero.

Javier Tarazona
Javier Tarazona

“From Fundaredes, we condemn the arrest of our General Manager Javier Tarazona when he went to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Coro, Falcon, to denounce this victim of harassment and persecution by officials of Polyfalcon (Falcon State Police) and Sebin (Intelligence Service) and unidentified individuals”, The NGO wrote on Twitter.

Requests for his release have been added Several Venezuelan politicians such as dissident Juan Guaido, who has also called for the release of human rights defenders.

“Javier Tarazona is The brave people who denounce the weakness of the Venezuelans on our borders must be released immediately.” Express the opponent in the same social network. Guaidó representative in front of Organization of American States (OAS), David Smolansky, described Tarazona’s arrest as a “kidnapping” and asserted that he had “disappeared”.

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Tarazona’s work has been impeccable in condemning the irregular armed groups in the country. “Dictatorship is responsible for what happens to it,” he said on Twitter.

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