Validate Your Enterprise Administrator Skills with Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 Exam and Practice Tests

Validate Your Enterprise Administrator Skills with Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 Exam and Practice Tests

There are many people who want to have proof of their skills to see the official validation of their knowledge and find a place where it will be needed. That is why these individuals aim to get the certifications, and Exam-Labs Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert is one of the most popular in the IT industry. There are two exams that you should deal with, which are Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 and Microsoft MS-101. To start your validation process, you need to begin with the MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services test.

Who Is Microsoft MS-100 Intended For?

This certification exam is usually taken by the Enterprise Administrators who need to validate their current skills or improve some of them. These professionals already possess some working knowledge of what to do with Microsoft 365 workloads. They have already been performing the tasks of an Administrator for one or even more of these workloads. They include Windows as a Service, Exchange, and SharePoint.

The Microsoft Certification – MS-100 potential candidates for this exam are also able to evaluate, plan, and migrate Microsoft 365 services as well as deploy and manage them. This means that these individuals also know all the needed details of server administration, IT fundamentals (AD, PowerShell, and DNS), and networking. Their duties include the Microsoft 365 tenant management tasks, such as identities, supporting technologies security, and compliance.

What Is Microsoft MS-100?

The Exam-Labs MS-100 exam is all about the expert-level skills and knowledge that will be evaluated during the testing session. It is the first step of the path, so you need to show your best to be able to proceed with the next stage of the certification process. That is why you should put all your efforts into preparation and learn the following topics:

  • Design & implementation of Microsoft 365 services;
  • Management of user roles & user identity;
  • Planning of Office 365 workloads & Office 365 apps;
  • Management of access & authentication.
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All of the PrepAway Microsoft Certification – MS-100 sections will be included in about 60 questions, which you need to successfully clear within 150 minutes. The items are not easy, so you need to be ready for the possible difficult questions that you can face with. That is why the vendor offers the instructor-led course, so you could be able to prepare adequately. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t know something from the exam content. It is always better to learn it before the actual test and become a certified expert than fail. You can even use exam dumps and practice tests to check if you really possess that experience to pass Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 without any help.


Passing the Exam-Labs Microsoft MS-100 exam is only a half of your journey. However, after you deal with it, it will be a lot easier for you to complete the second test. Therefore, it is better to start remembering all the required skills now and enhance them if needed. The earlier you do it, the faster you get the certificate.

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