Severe winter storms cover the Northeast, with more snow expected on Tuesday

Severe winter storms cover the Northeast, with more snow expected on Tuesday

(CNN) –Severe winter storms have hit the northeastern and Atlantic midlands of the United States. This triggered emergency notices, covering the environs with several inches of snow and forcing vaccination sites, with authorities urging residents to prepare for more dangerous weather on Tuesday.

Areas of northern New Jersey saw more than 60 cm of snow, with a maximum of 30 inches in Mendon, NJ. National Weather Service.

Areas of Connecticut, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania are covered with more than 12 inches of snow.

New York City’s Central Park was covered in more than 15 inches of snow Monday night, giving the city one of the top 20 blizzards in recorded history.

“This winter storm is already creating heavy snowfall and creating dangerous travel conditions, and it is expected to continue until tomorrow,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday. Release.

Another 5 to 10 cm of snowfall is possible in the Northeast on Tuesday, while the worst snowfall will be in Maine, where much of the state can see snow above 12 inches, and up to 60 cm in some areas.

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But it’s not just severe snowfall and blizzard conditions. There are coastal flood warnings, including warnings, warnings and advice from Maine to the south coast of Delaware, which includes more than 22 million Americans.

New York Governor’s Office Warned Coastal neighborhoods on Monday “may experience multiple rounds of flooding, especially during high tides.”

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According to CNN meteorologist Michael Guy, light and moderate flooding occurred off the coast of the region early Tuesday morning, causing damage to foundations, highways and minor structural damage. The water levels are currently 60 cm to 1.2 meters higher than normal, Guy said.

“This type of flooding is very dangerous and dangerous,” Guy said.

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Some vaccination points were closed Tuesday

Meanwhile, vaccination points in New York were closed Monday due to the storm, and at least five state vaccination points will be closed Tuesday, the governor said.

“For the safety of both workers and the people who are scheduled to be vaccinated, we will postpone appointments until tomorrow at several vaccination points affected by this storm,” Cuomo said. Release. “To be clear, no one missed the appointment. They will all be modified when the conditions are secure.”

In New Jersey, still in a state of emergency, Governor Bill Murphy Advertising State offices and six mega vaccination sites in the state will be closed Tuesday due to the weather.

“Heavy snowfall, coastal flooding and high winds are expected to continue across the state from today until tomorrow,” Murphy said Monday. “I urge all our residents to follow the weather guidelines and stay off the roads to allow access to essential workers and emergency personnel.”

Dangerous travel conditions throughout the region due to winter storms

Stamford officials said they had rescued two people from a pickup truck hit by high winds, snow and high waves as the storm hit Connecticut on Monday, causing the vehicle to fill up with water.

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On Monday afternoon, firefighters saw the vehicle partially submerged and floating 40 feet from shore, the Stamford Fire Department said. Release Press. The department said a woman was standing next to the vehicle, screaming that she was trapped inside.

Firefighters found the vehicle floating 12 meters from the shore.

Firefighters swam in the vehicle and the woman was able to sleep outside with the help of an aerial ladder, while working to rescue the man, the van “quickly and completely sank,” the department said in a statement.

“A firefighter maintained a physical grip on the man’s hand and was able to pull him through a small window after the truck was completely under water,” the department said. “When he was released, firefighters put the man on the tower ladder and took him both ashore.”

Authorities later said the man was taken to hospital.

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In New Jersey, State Police Announced By Monday night they were responding to more than 660 motor vehicle accidents and more than 1,000 driving aids in a single day.

“Vehicle assistants can have anything from flat tires, mechanical breakage, loops and more,” state police said. “We urge residents to stay off the roads.”

Taylor Ward, Joe Sutton, Robert Shackford, Laura Lee, Michael Guy, and Evan Simko Betnersky contributed to the report.

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