Origel translation software causes laughter

Origel translation software causes laughter

“Sell” (“Look outside the window”), “Today” (“Today and “Ear” (“Ear”) … “Not just station names Metro from Mexico City It has been translated into English after the scandal it caused Juan Jose Origel, To go for vaccination United State Show it off on your own social networksInternational media such as New York Post They turned around to see the news and explain what he was working on, and they literally translated TV shows into English, which caused a lot of netizens to laugh.

Arturo Carmona’s daughter is not afraid of her friends

the actor Arturo Carmona He became one of the leading men who sighed the most in social networksBut it seems the only woman keeping him awake is his daughter Melanie That’s why in Dynamic they asked her if it was true that she was intimidating her father’s girlfriends, who was her father’s daughter. Alicia FilariaHe replied that it was not true, that he was jealous but “normal” and that he was allowed to meet whomever he wanted. But during the weekend when Carmona was registered as a candidate for the mandate by the Tricolor Party, it was Melanie who accompanied them at such an important moment.

Jose Eduardo Derbez learns to ask questions

Given the controversy that arose about the alleged missing son Jose Eduardo DerbezThe actor and comedian has already learned and prefers to sneak in and overcome embarrassing questions, especially when it comes to topics related to his stepfather, Governor of HidalgoAnd the Omar Fayyad Or their love relationships. He was asked if he imagined his mother Victoria Ruffo As the first lady, she comments, “I do not interfere in these issues.” And about her supposed friend, she states: “I am very calm” and about her supposed son: “Well, what do I tell you, there are people who are tired of the epidemic.”


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