She discovers that her neighbor is stealing water from her water tank and when she complains to him, she replies, “Are you going to die?”

She discovers that her neighbor is stealing water from her water tank and when she complains to him, she replies, “Are you going to die?”

user Tik Tok @monegro57 from the Dominican Republic shared a video in which you can witness an argument between two women because one of them was stealing water from the other’s water tank.

In the recording, the owner of the container, while on the roof of a house, discovers that it has a hole, made by the neighbor, to insert a hose and empty the liquid into some barrels in her yard.

He then confronts the thief, who sarcastically replies, “What’s going on is I don’t have any more water or anything here, so since it’s the only water tank here, I said, ‘Okay, I’ll get some water. ‘” It’s the first time I’ve done that.”

The woman begged, “Give me a little, no more. You will not die. You stop to go to work. Here in my house I take advantage when they go to work to get water, what does it matter if they take it if you have a big tank.”

The owner of the water tank complained to him for not asking her permission, and the neighbor replied: “But it’s okay, we are neighbors and we have to live with each other. Don’t take off the water hose and let me finish filling my tanks.”

But the owner of the water tank cut off the canal, causing the thief’s wrath: “The water is free. They’ve already taken the water, gentlemen! My God, I’m stealing it while I can. I’ll keep stealing it. Let me fill the tank, don’t be mean to me. I’m your neighbor.” I will continue to pull it off.”

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Then he threatened her, saying, “As long as you have this water tank, I will fetch water, I am so sorry. I will stay with your water tank, when you leave there will be no more.”

Finally the owner yanked the hose off of it and then explained to the camera that he had changed the other water tank he had because he thought it was leaking: “Look, do you think that’s fair? One or two water tanks, I buy one and I see it empties quickly, but I won’t believe Never let a neighbor take my water.”

The post generated comments such as: “My God, there are people without decency,” “Water is not denied, but you have to ask for it,” “Insolence in its fullest expression,” “The neighbor passes by, he thinks there is too much trust,” “They steal.” your water and argue about it too.”

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