Wolves Joubert from PlayOffs

Wolves Joubert from PlayOffs

What started poorly is being straightened out somewhat. After the end of the regular season in which the Minnesota Timberwolves’ locker room exploded, the team is saving the season in the first place. They are from the playoffs. Despite a fight between his teammates (Rudy Gobert and Kyle Anderson), his defensive fort (McDaniels) smashes his hand into the wall. Out of frustration and back in Los Angeles. Second chances for sports.

Wolves Passed over Oklahoma City Thunder in Play-in-the-West final (120-95) To finish eighth and face the Denver Nuggets in the first round. A tour match came out for them, finally. They began to build from the start, between the energy of Anthony Edwards, with much more success than against the Lakers, and a strength under the boards that was not sustainable by the Thunder without an inside reference (41-28, 15′).

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They also counted on the fact that they repeated the treat in Oklahoma’s best moments. Towns struck an excellent third quarter, finding Joubert and suggesting a face to the hoop. They finished with a five-point game from Edwards, with a triple from Prince And the ultimate Joubert basket. Finally, the wolves showed their teeth.

And they won’t let go of their comfortable edge any longer. They came to put the score at about 30 points, against the Thunder Where star Shay Gilgos Alexander (22 pts shooting 5/19) never looked as sharp as he did against the Pelicans. The Wolves escaped in a style that would give them victories, between the inner strength of Carl Anthony Towns (28 points and 11 rebounds), his union with Joubert (21 + 10) and the solutions provided by Anthony Edwards (19 + 10).

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For the franchise, the season was saved. It’s been eight glorious years between 1997 and 2004 that they haven’t had two consecutive seasons in the PlayOffs.And a team that looked destined for disaster from the dressing room had another license to believe in its potential. The Nuggets are clearly the favorites, but Minnesota is going to fight. They arrive on time after playing.

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