Shivas have a chance to fight for the championship: Ricardo Cadena

Shivas have a chance to fight for the championship: Ricardo Cadena

Sivas’ interim coach completes Clausura 2022 with the perfect step filled with illusion, Richard ChainWho considered his team Have to fight a lot in the final stages of the competition.

“I discussed it with the boys, with the whole team: we play day after day, game after game, that’s the truth,” For us, they all have to play as finals“, He said.

“Today we know we’re at a new stage, we’re looking the same way. Why should we? We have the same opportunity to fight for the championship”.

Katena took Sivas to direct the last four duels and won all of them, which is why Sacred meeting He ranks fifth in the rankings.

“I can tell you that in every game we are going to give up our soul and life. So I do The boys have shown it to me through their actingThey are not being asked, they have to give their best, give their best effort and always strive to be a team with leadership on the field, ”he commented.

“Today the guys are making that area extra Of course we are excitedIt will keep us excited.

With 1-0 against NexusSivas will play the playoff game at home, which he promises because of his boys ’work.

These are the people who tried to get out of the situation where the team was. From the first victory, they started to get stronger in all aspects like emotional part, mental part, football aspect, ”he said.

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“They closed the teams. It is wonderful to see such a solid team grow, Which shows colorful, cheerful football and they enjoy it. They supported each other, they are strong and we will definitely try during the week to emphasize it If we really want to transcend, we must work as a real team”, He stressed.

He hopes to recover Jose Juan Macias, Fernando Feltron and Isaac Priscilla in the final stages.

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