Shock over Nicole’s death in Mexico

Shock over Nicole’s death in Mexico

Hidalgo, Mexico

On the March 8 rally in Mexico City, a group of women raised their voices in favor NicoleSeven-year-old girl disappeared in Hidalgo. Five days later, the authorities confirmed the discovery of his body.

We live long we want it!

“We want Nicole, we want Nicole! What are we looking for? Nicole! And “FIFA took it away, we lived we want it,” he heard among the crowd on the afternoon of March 8, in the country’s capital, during woman’s Day.

His name is painted on one of the fences laid out in the historic center with the phrase: “If I never come, don’t light the candles, burn everything.”

Nicole, Seven-year-old, was last seen on Tuesday, March 2, at around 8:00 pm, at the Second Private of Lienzo, at Rancho Don Antonio, in Tizayoka, Hidalgo.

The girl asked for permission to go out on her bike, but she did not return.

A day later, her mother, Cecilia Palafox Rodriguez, asked, via a video clip, Governor Omar Fayyad to help her locate her daughter.

In support of this, neighbors closed the Mexican-Pachuca highway to demand the minor’s appearance.

“We are a bit desperate, we think we will go ahead with that,” his brother Jorge Santos said in a message on March 6, requesting support for the site’s social media deployment.

“We are still missing out on her news, and the truth is we are desperate.”

They have circumcised it

Nicole was suffocated to death. Her body was found on March 9 at the El Manantal Dam, located behind the Rancho Don Antonio section, where it was last seen.

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However, Hidalgo authorities publicly confirmed his identity until Saturday, March 13th.

“As far as the minor is concerned, we regret to know that on March 9, the lifeless body of a minor was found in the town of Tepujaco, Tezayoka,” said Arturo Flores Molina, Deputy Public Prosecutor for Human Rights at the State Attorney General for Justice.

“After the implementation of the femicide protocol practiced in all cases of violent deaths of women and through genetic identification tests, it was ensured that the identity of the said corpse corresponds to the initials of the NSP.”

There is a detainee

A man was arrested with the initials of MAHP on March 8 after completing an arrest warrant for the minor’s disappearance.

Investigative police and expert services personnel conducted a forensic analysis of the C5i’s video surveillance cameras and road arcs, as well as various interviews, which helped to determine the potential liability of the subject.

On Saturday, the judge decided, in a hearing, to link him to the trial of the disappearance crime committed by individuals, in an aggravating manner, against a minor, and set a period of three months to close the complementary investigation.

According to local media, the detainee is one of the department’s neighbors.

In addition, the Special Prosecutor’s Office of Gender-Based Crimes continues to investigate Nicole’s murder of the female.

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