Should Alan Muzoo go to Tri? He has the best stats as a winger

Should Alan Muzoo go to Tri?  He has the best stats as a winger

In the MX . League And outside, today there is no better Mexican right-back than Alan Muzo. player cougars He has amazing numbers, and although he outperforms the other players in his position in almost every area, National coach Gerardo Martinodo not turn around to see to tripartite for cases out of court.

Alan Muzoo stats

The waiter numbers Better, on average, than those in Luis Rodriguez (Tegres), Jorge Sanchez (USA), Julio Cesar Dominguez (Blue Cross), Julien Araujo (LA Galaxy), Kevin Alvarez (Pachuca)Martino, who invited them to occupy the right-hand side during his operation.

First of all, Mozo owns with his club Best Cross-Area Rate, Shots on Frame, Passes & Dribblingagainst the other four players mentioned, as well as each in his club and since then My Father Martino in Mexico.

Regarding From the centers to the region, Mozo has an average of 3.98 per game with the Pumas, by far surpassing Xhaka Rodriguez, as well as Julian Araujo; Chaka and Araujo both have 2.42 and 2.92 cross passes into the penalty area in every match.

Mozu also has good Average shots on goalwith 0.88 options per game, a better number than Kevin Álvarez, 0.68, which is closest to Alan.

The helps It is another area where Muzo is better than his rivals in the Mexican football center, averaging 0.17 per game, while Xhaka Rodriguez and Araujo are closest with 0.09 and 0.12.

The only thing that Alan Muzo has surpassed is his successful passesWell, Chaka is the best out there with an average of 37.93, followed by Araujo with 35.08, Cata Domínguez with 34.64, Jorge with 33.03 and then Mozo in fifth with an average of 23.15.

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Mozo had a chance with Tata in the national team

Although Mozo had chances with Tata Martino in El Tri, it was so At the beginning of the process and later for various out-of-court topics, in addition to a Low game in 2020They made me forget it.

Another factor that is not taken into account is the youth team university club What are the problems he had? Jaime Lozano In the past Pre-Olympic, heading to Tokyo; In that episode he even lost the title in the second match of the group stage which led him to miss Olympic Games.

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