Coachella’s Karol G: Ends With A “Wrinkled Heart” And Ex Anuel AA Reacts To It | Famous

Coachella’s Karol G: Ends With A “Wrinkled Heart” And Ex Anuel AA Reacts To It |  Famous

A series of messages posted by His ex Anuel AA On Instagram, after the long-awaited Colombian’s appearance at the famous festival, they seem to have come in response to a portion of what she would have done on stage.

Anuel AA and his reaction after Karol G’s Coachella show

In the solo, there is a part where the Colombian says that “You sent your fake love on vacation.”

The series of messages the rapper posted to his Instagram Stories after Carol J took to the stage led some to believe they were lyrics dedicated to her after she sang the song at the festival.

“Laugh”books in one. In another message he said: “And they say that I am supposed to say (sic) that I am stuck in (the past)?”

“We are no longer in former times, I’m not the one who dedicates songs After a long period “.

“And now… this is the only reaction from me you will get! Think of everything you want to think aboutHe said: “If the people knew.”

Although he does not directly mention his ex-wife, they have been interpreted in some media and on social networks as messages referring to what Carol J sang at Coachella.

Carol J: Happy to debut at Coachella

While the controversy surrounding the Anuel AA messages is flooding social media networks, Karol G has not commented.

The singer preferred to focus on telling about her Coachella experience and thanked her fans for their support.

He told his followers, “You are the coolest thing in everything I do. I love you like you don’t know. Thank you.”

On Monday the 18th of this year, “La Bichota” dedicated another message to Instagram after his presentation at the popular Coachella Valley Festival.

“6 months of work went by in about 5 minutes, but It was more incredible than I could have imagined“, He confessed.

“On behalf of Latinos, we broke up yesterday at Coachella. Postscript: Yours, Colombia.”

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