Sino Miranda: How COVID-19 Caused Encephalitis in a Singer | Sino and Nacho | Celebrities nnda nnlt | Sega

Sino Miranda: How COVID-19 Caused Encephalitis in a Singer |  Sino and Nacho |  Celebrities nnda nnlt |  Sega

After a serious case of COVID-19 last year, He is still recovering and facing the effects of the virus. Venezuelan singer and member of the memorable duo Sino O Nacho says he suffered from encephalitis as a result of the disease, which changed his life forever.

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The 36-year-old was diagnosed with COVID-19 in late 2020. The disease caused encephalitis and severe physical pain. As a result, Sino Miranda lost her physical mobility and communication skills, so when she left the hospital, she had to learn to walk again.

This situation caused him anxiety and deep depression. He said this himself Through a moving video on Instagram, he released details of the Odyssey he lives in as a result of the effects caused by COVID-19.

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Sino Miranda: Why and How Govt-19 Singer Leads to Encephalitis

With your Instagram account, Released a video in which he describes the process he underwent after catching COVID-19, the effects of the disease and his current state of health.

“I want all my fans to know that I am here with all the love in the world to talk to you. As Miranda said in a video released last Wednesday 21st July 21st, I love them so much for everything and the whole reality of this matter.

Clip Miranda and his wife Natasha Aras sing the song “Raro” by Sino & Nacho in a hospital bed where he is very thin. Later, the urban music singer appeared in an interview dated July 13 in which he appears to have regained weight, but the neurosis continues.

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The artist experienced encephalitis that affected his physical mobility and communication skills, so when he left the hospital he had to learn to walk again. This caused him anxiety and deep depression.

“It affected me, yes, yes it definitely affected me. They were difficult moments, I was very depressed, I was very sad … I had to learn to take a bath when I got home, do it all over again,” the singer said.

The translator of “I love you” and “my beautiful girl” posted on Instagram with the phrase “the sun always rolls”, which was a tattooed message on one of his hands.

Following the case of Sino Miranda, many have wondered why the artist developed encephalitis after COVID-19. Almost a year after catching the virus, Dr. Eduardo Jobes explains why the Venezuelan singer continues to deal with the effects of the disease.

“COVID-19 is a disease that affects many organs, i.e. it is a multifactorial disease. COVID-19 has pathological or symptomatic encephalitis in the patient, and it can cause behavioral and thought disorders in some individuals. The worst thing about COVID-19 is, This is a very powerful disease and we are not in a position to fully understand it. ”

Expert Sino Miranda explained that gono-19 results in rebirth in people with encephalitis and that the evolutionary process is not as straightforward as other events.

“People with encephalitis may experience rebirth in its evolution. This is not a linear evolution, as we usually see in bacterial encephalitis. Once treatment begins, recovery is progressive and linear. Can’t, because rebirth can happen, ”the doctor said.

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