Sivas vs Santos (1-1): Guadalajara returns the dive with a canolaso

Sivas vs Santos (1-1): Guadalajara returns the dive with a canolaso

Pointed out a failure above all else Sivas It contains Guard 1 2021, Though Thanks to “Canelaso” for distributing their points Santos Laguna By drawing 1-1 in a fight similar to the 13th day, the Guadalajara players add four games in a row without winning.

Chivas suffered a back injury and in the worst first half, set Victor Manuel Vusetich Little by little he was filling in, and scored a good point against one of the 4 best teams in the tournament.

Now it was Jesus is there Rojiplanco Redeemer beat an air balloon in the 74th minuteCarlos Acevedo, Who was thanked for his performances from the Akron Stadium.

For this fight, the Holy Herd needs to go back into the zone,Voice Ordered Changes rHighlights the arrival of Hiram Mier and the replacement of Jose Juan McCas. For this reason, a strong Guadalajara was expected in the back, but it was not so.

Sivas Began to strike At the age of 15, Alexis Vega came in between several Santos players and fired, his shot hit the bottom of the post and in the counter-shot, Engel Soldavar missed and Acevedo saved him.

Cello had another shot of 29 ‘and he left for Acevedo again. Then, Santos rHe received a gift from Mierre who slipped with the ball, He left it to Jesus Osho, so at 30 ‘he put Lacuneros 1-0 up. Before the break, Vega Azevedo blocked another shot.

Already in the second half, Shivas made changes and won the offense.

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First Eduardo Torres completed the cross of Uriel Antuna in 46 ‘, which was stopped by the visiting goalkeeper. At 63 ‘, Anglo went to the area and was given a fine by Fernando Guerrero but revoked by the place reviewed via VAR.

Sivas 72 ‘, Uriel Antuna He threw a center Christian Calderon, Chicot’s shot was deflected and the ball bounced off the crossbar.

Al 74 ‘, Sivas He found the reward and thanked Canelo 1-1 for the goal, Who used a deviation from Hugo Rodriguez with a long goal kick to run the volley ball and dive. Before the final whistle, Anglo There was another goal It was a 1-1 final that turned the tide.

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