Ten Netflix Recommended Movies To Watch This Easter Weekend | Television | Entertainment

Ten Netflix Recommended Movies To Watch This Easter Weekend |  Television |  Entertainment

Netflix offers the best family movies so you don’t have to leave the house on Easter.

These are some of the options to see during these days.

-Yes today

The movie focuses on parents who always say “no” to their kids and decide to create a day of yes. This is based on saying yes to whatever your kids want for an entire day. It is the perfect movie to have fun with your children.

Your Best Friend: A New Journey

This movie is probably among the movies that will make you cry, as it has so much love and a family connection. It includes Ethan and his granddaughter CJ, who live on a farm with their dog, Billy.


The moment CJ’s mother makes a decision to take her daughter down, Bailey will try to be there and accompany CJ in all of her steps. So have reincarnation in multiple dogs to achieve this.

-Spongebob, rescue hero

The movie is based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series.

In this installment Gary, the SpongeBob snail is kidnapped and with his close friend, Patrick, they embark on a mission very far from Bikini Bottom. This movie reinforces the meaning of friendship at its best.

Animal cookies

Owen keeps a box of cookies and with him a big secret: by eating him he can turn into these animals. An unexpected development will cause the family to use the box to prevent the evil uncle from taking over the circus.

– Kidnapped

The Japanese animation produced by Studio Ghibli in 2001 tells the story of Chihiro, a girl who delves into a shady city with her parents where she must brilliantly get out of there. But things are not that easy.

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Meatball rain 2

he is Movie Recommended for the audience from the age of 7. It is a sequel to the now famous movie Cloudy with a chance of flesh The mission this time is to recognize the machine from the first batch that has not been destroyed as it creates fused creatures between food and animals.

– The origin of the guardians

The animated film tells the adventures of Jack Frost and his companions: the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the coconut, and the Santa Claus. In it they seek to save Christmas from a sinister enemy.

-The Willoughby Brothers

The film is based on the eponymous novel by Lewis Lowry Willoughby brothers It focuses on the story of four children who make the decision to send their parents on vacation. They embark on an adventure to find the meaning of family.

– Gary Totoro

From the same study kidnapped, Studio Ghibli. It is a classic that is loved by both children and adults. It tells the story of Satsuke and Mei, who settled in their country house with their father while their mother recovers. At home they encounter some goblins and go on an adventure in which they meet a great creature named Totoro.

You can find a file Movie On Netflix, it lasts for 1 hour 27 minutes.

United Pets

A stray dog ​​and a house cat team up to lead a flock of heroes against a hostile robot that wants to control everything in its path. (And)

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