South Korea vs Portugal match summary (2-1). Qatar 2022 Halftime

South Korea vs Portugal match summary (2-1).  Qatar 2022 Halftime

With a field full of players who are usually substitutes and a ticket to the round of 16 already secured, Portugal national team Lost 2-1 South KoreaIt is the result and Dramatic way Got out of the way and reached for his pass UruguayIt was a goal away from qualifying.

Fernando Santos sent a substitute team onto the field. The only headliners were goalkeeper Diogo Costa, central defender Pepe and the unmoved Cristiano Ronaldo, who had a lackluster performance and left the field in the 64th minute with the score level.

The PortugueseAs favourites, it didn’t take long to open the scoring and they took the lead in the fifth minute with a superb goal. Ricardo HortaA great long pass from the front Pepe And a measured service so the player Game Prague He will turn on the electricity

Before the first half-hour was over, the Asians found themselves leveling on a corner kick and a rebound. RonaldoAfter the ball hit him in the back. Kim Young-kwanAlone before the frame, he had to push the ball to make it 1-1.

For this moment Uruguay He has already won his competition GhanaHaving to score a goal to snatch the ticket from the Uruguayans gave the Koreans a tough outlook.

Uruguay’s second goal in the 32nd minute made things even more difficult Asian paintingAlthough he had chances to take those three points, for several moments Ambitionless Find a match.

But it worked in their favour Portugal He didn’t score in injury time either Hwang Hee-chan Scored the long-awaited goal that sealed their passage to the next round for the Asians Uruguay national team outside World Cup 2022.

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The Portuguese are still waiting for a rival, but South Korea Already there, it is Choice of Brazil Group H’s leadership is secure. Serbian, Cameron Y Swiss They are fighting for the second ticket and the winner will face Portugal.

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