Spain vs Germany match summary (1-1). Goal and half time

Spain vs Germany match summary (1-1).  Goal and half time

A player who was on the field for 12 minutes scored a goal in the 82nd minute Life to do Germany national team Inside Qatar 2022After drawing a complex and difficult draw against the exam SpainHe missed the chance to punch his ticket to the final eight.

Although the road seems complicated, The Germans can to access to do Next round If you are success A Costa Rica The result is tight if the Spaniards beat the Japanese, who fall to Tigos this Sunday in their last game of the group stage. Group E.

Tonight’s match at the Al Bait Stadium was excellent. The Red is angry It was a team dominant, who proposed more and had a clear goal on 90 minutes. Germany didn’t give up on the attack and they had chances, but they failed to do so in front of Unai Simeone’s frame, who saved his side in the 56th minute with a shot high above Joshua Kimmich’s penalty mark.

The Bayern Munich winger couldn’t beat the rival goalkeeper and didn’t allow the Teutons to have a clear game to open the scoring.

VAR made it 1-0 to Rudiger

In the first part Antonio Rudiger He sent that and made the fans jump from their seats title want Background However, of networks VAR actors for behind The Real Madrid defender’s goal for an advanced stage, at least, but ultimately progressed, for that The score returned to 0-0.

It was up to the minute 62 The board moved, thanks to Dani Olmo’s pass from the right wing Alvaro MorataEntered at the beginning of the second part, The First goal of the night And his second in the tournament. It seemed that Directed by Luis Enrique He went on to win.

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Spain He had Underfoot Marco Asensio scored the second goalMoments after Morata, but the Merengue player, alone on the edge of the area, did not dare to approach Neuer’s goal and he took a shot from where he picked up the ball. Shooting With power, but very highA potential pass drew the ire of his teammates.

The The Germans took advantage It gave them life and already in the closing stages of regulation time they found the equalizer in a fortuitous game, thanks to rebounds and a player coming off the bench. Nilas The whole cruxWerder Bremen is a football player Responsible to make it 1-1 82 and give it point They hold Breathing The Germans.

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