Facu Campazzo and Luka Doncic watched the Argentina-Mexico match in the Mavs locker room

Facu Campazzo and Luka Doncic watched the Argentina-Mexico match in the Mavs locker room

Facundo Campazzo, the Mavericks’ Argentine guard, was taped to the screen along with Luka Doncic in the Dallas team’s locker room to watch Saturday’s crucial match played by the Argentine soccer team against Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar.

The Mavs played Saturday in Toronto against the Raptors, and even though the Texans lost 105-100 against the Canadiens, Campazzo smiled broadly when asked after the game about Argentina’s victory over Mexico.

on quests EFECampazzo admitted that he did not part with the screen, despite the fact that the match between Argentina and Mexico took place shortly before the start of the Raptors-Maverick in Toronto, and expressed his satisfaction with the victory of the Argentine national team.

“Yes, I saw it to the end, right there in the locker room. I brought my iPad. The TV was also there with the Argentina match. On the bus I saw it a bit and followed it here. Well, happy. Happy that it was possible to win, “explained the Argentine base.

Campazzo added that he watched the soccer match with fellow Slovenian Mavericks Luka Doncic and that there are many Dallas players watching the soccer World Cup.

“With Luca we’ve been watching it. He’s been there, cheering on Mexico, cheering on Argentina, there to joke a little bit. There’s a lot of guys who follow the World Cup. We’ve got people from Australia, people from France and Germany. The couple, so we watch the parties,” he commented.

Afterwards, Campazzo told questions from other media that “the first games are the hardest, because you are tense and worried.”

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He concluded by saying, “Obviously, I don’t know much about football, but through the experience of the tournament that usually happens. Today’s match was a final for us, so it was an experience like that. After the victory, people were very happy.”

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