Spicy Trills To Remind You Of The Letter B

Spicy Trills To Remind You Of The Letter B
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The stalwart was mercilessly poked after a 2-1 draw in the FPC Classic tournament, played in Medellin.

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Despite winning (2-1) the arbitration controversy, Atlético Nacional celebrated the victory over América de Cali on their social networks after Tomás Ángel’s brace. The purslane club left a sizzling vegetation recalling its Class B past to the ‘Red Devils’. His fans flooded his social networks with more mockery.

From “Let’s take Thomas down” to Atanasio Girardot’s early goal, which came just 3 minutes into the game, to “Good evening purslane,” from the dressing room after the win, Paulo Autuori’s side celebrated their victory over America.

The purslane team took advantage of the moment of joy that followed the FPC Classic tournament to specifically remind the Reds of their past in the second division, and the decoration in which they brought their past in the second division generated all kinds of reactions. Scarlet fans didn’t hide their annoyance and spoke of a “steal” while the jeers continued on the part of the purslane.

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