Santiago Solari: It is understood that Chivas celebrate the draw with America

Santiago Solari: It is understood that Chivas celebrate the draw with America

Santiago Solari He gave his opinions after the 0-0 draw in National Classic It was considered If they go out to celebrate in Chivas From the Azteca stadium because they were so close to losing, he confirmed that at the end of every minute there was a goal from his team.

America’s coach mentioned that he has been very disappointed since his team He was able to leave his field with the three points Thanks to the duel that dominated throughout the second half.

Understandably, they go out to celebrate the tie as they did.Because we dominated it in the second half and we had chances and deserved to win them and every minute that passed near the end was a chance to score. When you suffer, you wait for the game to endOur case was the other way around. When you dominate and reach, we wanted the game to stretch and We are left feeling that you can achieve the result Solari said at a press conference.

Remain silent in the face of arbitration errors

Solari also presented his view on the arbitration work carried out by Di Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos, as well as the video assistant referee who said about him, They were very unfortunate throughout the tournament for their decisions.

Regarding the VAR case of expulsion in this tournament, we were not so luckyAguilera and Richard Sanchez were also sent off, with Atlas and Leon for the kind of play they judge harshly, and I agree, but when he comes against us we are not so lucky,” he added.

There was an arbitration controversy for a coup he made Miguel Ponce to Henry Martin That for many it was red, in addition to a dish of Christian Calderon And a slap from his player, Jorge Sanchez.

“I am sometimes reluctant to make statements against them, Sometimes they have good matches and other bad matches and they also have excellent matchesHe added: “It is unfortunate that when referees give excellent matches no one talks about them, because they go unnoticed because their decisions are good, the VAAR came to correct them to put their eyes where they might not see.”

“Behold, I am not alone, Coaches don’t know how this communication mechanism works very well And when things like this happen, we don’t really understand why they happen. They have to improve themselves, the whole set of communications between the VAR room and the referee.”

They had a hard time getting into the game

He said his team started weak out of nervousness This cost them losing control of the ball which they later regained.

“She was intense, a bit nervous at first and It took us a while at first to get in touch for our chances. When we succeeded that was when we went through the middle and sides and controlled the second half, you have to put them in place so we can win, patiently trying by all means. The goal didn’t arrive today, but it wasn’t due to lack of tryingSolari admitted.

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